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Maestrale is a luxury motor yacht Cantieri di Pisa Akhir 85 that you can rent to discover the beautiful colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. It has an overall length of 27 meters and it can accommodate 8 guests overnight and 11 guests during day cruises.

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Whether it’s a family vacation or a holiday with friends, a wedding or any other special event, chartering Maestrale yacht means live an unforgettable experience.

Sailing among the most fascinating places of the Mediterranean and discovering the unique beauties of the Italy’s coasts and sea.

The magical feeling of living in close contact with the nature enjoying all the comforts and amusements on board; fishing and snorkeling gear, water toys, jetski, jacuzzi, underwater swim platform for kids and… delighting in the inimitable and exquisite Italian cuisine.

When you type in the search engine “yacht charter italy” it means that the “click” has already occurred in your mind. It means the “change” switch has been activated.

Your choice of renting a crewed motor yacht in Italy means combining navigation with the beauties of the crystal clear sea and breathtaking landscapes, and also with millenary history and tradition that speak to us from every corner we look at, with the cult of food and wine, which in Italy finds its maximum expression. What’s more than that?

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Picture yourself on our yacht. Calm, peace, relax, all while surrounded by the priceless beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Why should you rent a yacht for your holiday in Italy?

The word luxury is often used to define expensive but ephemeral things, we like to define our service as a luxury yacht charter but not for the cost which, on the contrary, will positively surprise you, but for the experience it offers, especially for those who discover this world for the first time.

Detaching oneself from the ground and its chaotic dynamics to enter a new dimension, where the observation point changes diametrically and everything has a different aspect.

New or forgotten sensations are rediscovered. The sea reveals aspects of our soul that we did not know. For us, especially nowadays, this can be really defined as a real luxury.

What we offer

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– Staying on board without sailing? Why not, because even just living on the sea is fantastic. Discover our convenient offers for those who want to live on board for long periods, there is a lot of talk about smart working but doing it by waking up in the morning with a turquoise bay in front of your eyes is something else.

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– A motor yacht like Maestrale is made for this. Ok, July, August, September is the best period to gently plow across the sea but also other months offer pleasant surprises… and the prices are affordable. But… what if I book and the weather is bad? Contact us, we have a solution even for that!

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– A day seems to have only 24 hours but… it can last forever. A special day remains in our memory forever and for us it is a pleasure to make sure that everything will be perfect, attention to detail is our passion.

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Maestrale is moored at the Port of Cannigione, north Sardinia, Italy and awaits you, along with its crew,
to make you live an extraordinary experience.

Yacht for charter in Italy

Our base is in a deep and protected bay called Golfo di Arzachena, in addition to the beautiful landscape and the wonderful open view of the bay even when the yacht is moored, it offers a perfect starting point for exploring the most beautiful places of the Costa Smeralda and the north of Sardinia.

This means that in one or two hours of sailing at low speed and in complete ease, we can reach the Maddalena Archipelago, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Tavolara island, Corsica and many other beautiful beaches and marinas. Being so close to everything translates also into relax for guests, saving of fuel and money and respect for the environment.

During these long months of confinement we have all learned that being away from others is sometimes necessary. Work, fun, love, friends; technology has shown us how it was possible to manage everything even at a distance but…we looked around, we saw our 4 walls and the cold outside, our thoughts flew away, we have felt the need for a splash of salt water on our face and some warm wind in our hair, we needed a paradise. And paradise is possible.

Living or smart working on a splendid yacht in the Mediterranean is the perfect synthesis between health, fun, relaxation and nature. For your peace of mind and safety, all areas on board are thoroughly sanitized and the crew carries out anti-COVID-19 tests at each change of guests.